Day of Giving Announced

We are very excited to once again be planning a Day of Giving! This event will occur on Tuesday December 3rd, which is “Giving Tuesday,” and also the same day we kick off the Literacy Project fundraiser.

Last year our Pittsburgh and Baltimore markets participated in the Day of Giving, and we are very happy that we are able to expand it to all Quality Huts regions this year. This is a wonderful opportunity during the holiday season to give back to the community with a big thank you in the form of a pizza. And who doesn’t love pizza! It was a big hit last year not just within our communities, but it really touched our team members as well. Below are some comments from our team members – – –

“That was super fun to do and a great way to give back to the community!!! Lots of very happy service men/women today! Thanks so much!”

“They were very thankful and excited that we thought of each and every one of their locations.”

“Everyone was so excited! A few places we surprised and they loved it! It felt great to give like that to our community.”

“I didn’t get any pictures but I do have one story that made my heart smile. I delivered to the records department for the sheriff’s office in and they were really grateful because they said no one ever remembers they are there, and that they are always forgotten. They were really touched.”

“It was a lot of fun getting out meeting our customers. Great idea!”

“Today was so much fun! I’m glad we did it.”

This year we will be giving away up to 20 medium pizzas from each location, 10 cheese pizzas and 10 pepperoni pizzas.

We would like to specifically target first responders. Your Area Coach will be asking you where in your community you would like to donate.